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Painting by Robert Meeks

We offer painting services and general remodeling expertise to homeowners in Northern Arkansas. Any of our previous clients will gladly vouch for the work that our team has put forth on their home. You can expect us to offer assistance on the follow types of residential services:


Painting services are our staple. If you require interior or exterior painting, touch-ups, or specialty projects like painting the crown moulding or fringes of your home, our professional painting contractors are the best in the business! We love nothing more than to make your home bright through spectacular painting!


Homes, especially older ones are prone to time wear and tear. When your flooring, siding, or roofing materials erode, it’s time to think about replacing them with newer materials. Painting by Robert Meeks will work with you to determine what isn’t quite right in your home, and then improve it to a higher standard.


Tile flooring and bathroom tiles are common in households all across the country. When you’re looking for a team to complete a tile installation in your kitchen or bathroom, we come to you with the equipment and expertise to get the job in a timely fashion.


For all other types of flooring, like carpets and hardwoods, we can make sure that your flooring material is well installed and looks great!

For painting services, home remodeling projects, and much more, make sure to contact Painting by Robert Meeks. We would love to be of service!

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